I'm Neil Andrey
Digital Marketing Executive

Why did I choose to work with Fil-Global?

I choose to work here to serve as a bridge to the clients who want to go abroad.

What is my role with Fil-Global?

I am a Digital Marketing Executive from Fil-Global. I do assist people who have inquiries and wanted to go abroad digitally.

If I am a super hero, what would my powers be?

I would like to have a power of levitation so that I could bring people to their dream countries. Since I can't do that, I will still bring them to their destinations by helping them to process their Visas. :)

Neil Andrey Agaza


"Hi. I am here to help you to start your application and make your dreams come true abroad!
For better assistance, please send me a message here: m.me/fgiscneilandrey
Facebook Name: (FG Neil Andrey Agaza)"