I'm Jan Dale
Marketing Executive

Why did I choose to work with Fil-Global?

Honestly, Fil-Global was introduced to me by a friend who is already working in the company for years. I have always wanted to be a part of an organizations wherein the learning curve is great & hard work is appreciated. Today, I am thankful for the work-life balance and opportunities the company has provided. I look forward to contributing more to the continued success of the company. (:

What is my role with Fil-Global?

My role is to work well as a team member and also as an individual contributor. I will make sure to utilize my passion for excellent customer service in providing the best possible experience for every clients

If I am a super hero, what would my powers be?

Strength like Superman (: (:

Jan Dale Ventura


"Good Day!
I am Dale Ventura, your marketing executive, ready to assist you!
You can message me thru Facebook or Messenger: FG Dale Ventura
Thank you and Stay safe!"