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Primarily involves documentation management while dealing with clients and their files. We assist our clients with a wide range of visas categories including student, spousal, work, employer sponsored, etc.

● Will be able to assist at least 60- 100 active members for visa processing.
● To assist with the management of routine business documents. The documentation officer is responsible for copying and filing client’s documentation, maintaining client records, as well as
department reports and immigration correspondence. Documents may be scanned and maintained electronically or filed in a paper filing system.
● Review files for visa applications, client’s financial accounts and savings accounts to verify all proper documentation is present according to laws and regulations. Files would be reviewed as
they are received, as well as during specific points in the year when an audit of documentation may be conducted. Missing copies of client identification, signatures or proof of funds would
have to be accounted for as part of the documentation officer's job responsibilities.
● Handles the client on stages such as Onboarding, Timelining, school endorsements, Document evaluation and Visa lodging.
● Contacting new institutions for partnership with Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation and initiating meetings in person or via Skype.
● Ensure 100% customer satisfaction through constant communication and attending inquiries or concerns regarding their visa application in the group support assigned.
● Provides weekly updates for immigration laws and regulations.
● Understand various visa program requirements to assist candidates with all inquiries concerning applicable programs and future pathways in other countries, including proper
preparations of paperwork.
● Assess and finalize applications prior to lodgements with the assistance of the Program Manager.
● Request outstanding requirement, depending on the classification, conduct independent research to assist with processing applications and verifying claims.
● Manage and/or conduct quality assurance activities to maintain integrity and consistency of the program and record keeping, as required.
● Provide endorsement letters to clients.
● Provide data or information for use in reports, briefs, submissions, risk registers and/or talking points as required.
● Coordinates with Programme Manager/s with regards to lodgements of applications.
● Conducts interviews if necessary, with applicants for GTE/SOP writing.
● Be present for and provide guidance to candidates throughout the client journey.
● Providing clients with all pertinent documentation.
● Assisting clients with the completion of paperwork and ensuring that this is submitted on time Verifying the authenticity of paperwork and supporting documents.
● Responsible for overseeing the coordination and administration of all aspects of an on-going project.
● Maintaining and monitoring of the BIGIN CRM Progress.
● Endorsement of paid clients to the Accounts department.
● Scheduling of timelining of the clients, onboarding and document evaluation.
● Achievement of the target for the Programme Department.
● Responsible for document security, confidentiality and privacy, for assigning access, and for removing and destroying obsolete documents.
● Other related tasks that may be assigned by the immediate head


● Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree,
● Professional License (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam), Tourism, Business & Marketing Courses or equivalent,
● At least two years of experience in Program Management and Immigration Services but not required
● Experience as a Visa processing, Migration or Education Consultant is highly regarded.
● Technical knowledge in Immigration processes (e.g. passport and VISA application and renewal)
● Knowledge about rules and regulations Philippine Immigration Law
● Top - notch research, fact - checking and writing abilities..
● Possess superior customer service skills and must be a client advocate.


● Must be strong attention to details - accuracy of reports, problem-solving skills and able to work with a high volume of documents in a fast-paced environment
● Highly organized and process-oriented.
● Excellent oral and written communications skills to interact with all levels of organizations
● Excellent listening skills, and be able to handle multiple requests while detailing document activity.
● Proficient in Google Drive Applications (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc)
● Ability to plan, organize, lead and control the program
● Must be able to work with a team in a friendly cooperative manner and inspire others to collaborate.
● Can reach goals by their deadlines and knows what to do when performance deviates from plan, and execute corrective measures.
● A good objective setter, planner and above all, controller. Has the ability to finish what they started.
● Strict observance of all applicable deadlines
● Solution – oriented approach to fulfilling duties
● Demonstrated programmes achievement and the ability to work in a team
● Demonstrated ability to convey a sense of urgency, openness to new ideas, inclusion & diversity, integrity, customer focus, and respect