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The inventory officer is primarily responsible for handling the material management responsibilities that include acquisition of the material, merchandise, items, etc., and its proper distribution. The inventory officer may also be referred as the purchasing or inventory manager. The purpose of this position is to supervise and coordinate the activities of those engaged in inventory management and to ensure that optimum levels of inventory is maintained and that it is at par with quality standards. He/she is also responsible for keeping a track of the inventory records and making sure that it is accurate

● The inventory officer is responsible for preparing the purchase orders, receiving, storing, issuing the goods, managing the stock levels and giving out the supplies from
the stock.
● He/she is also involved in preparing the inventories, maintaining the stock records, using computerized systems for entering the records and is accountable for checking
the supply invoices with the purchase orders.
● He/she is responsible for preparing the reports on adjustments done to inventories that may be damaged, spoilt, etc., and coordinates the purchasing, inventory and
warehousing functions.
● He/she finds out sources of supply and is responsible for obtaining quotes from the suppliers as well.
● He/she makes sure to get rid of the surplus or obsolete stock.
● To maintain record of receipts as well as issuance of items that are going out of the warehouse so as to ensure accuracy and completeness
● To be involved in reconciliation of physical stock with the stock in the system
● To oversee that the arrangement of goods has been done in an orderly system within the stock location system so that the stock can be stored easily and retrieved
whenever there is a requirement. Similarly, he/she ensures that the stocks stay physically protected in the warehouse
● To undertake the function of stock taking and confirm the periodic stock on a regular basis by working closely with the designated staff members
● To supervise the offloading process, the subsequent arrangement of merchandise, material, etc., and consignment so that it can be accessed and identified easily
● To ensure the correct and timely valuation of the inventory and to be involved in directing and managing procedures related to offloading, packing and unpacking
● In addition to the above duties, the inventory officer is responsible for keeping a close eye on the movement of stock from in and out of the warehouse.
● He/she is involved in preparing the weekly reports of all the activities in the warehouse like the consignment received, the quantity of items received, point of
collection and dispatch, stacking number, outstanding balance, etc. He/she provides the best service needs to the existing as well as the new customers and ensures that
each and every customer remains satisfied.
● Thus, he/she is involved in performing all the procedures and activities concerned with the management of the inventory and generally works under the supervision of a
senior personnel and may perform other related duties as well.


● Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree/
Diploma or Certification in Business Administration, Logistics,
Inventory Management
● At least one (1) year of experience in similar role
● Ability to provide solutions to customer service inquiries.
● Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
● Ability to work well under pressure


● The individual interested in becoming an inventory officer should be able to demonstrate collaborative work style, strong leadership skills and should have the ability to take proper
decisions and action whenever any difficult situation arises.
● He/she should have excellent oral and written communication skills.
● Good analytical and organizational skills with experience in project management would definitely prove to be an advantage.
● He/she should have a desire to learn every detail related to inventory business and should have the passion to reach out for promotional opportunities.
● He/she should be able to enjoy clerical and administrative work with good planning and numeric skills.
● He/she should have a methodical approach to complete the assigned work and should pay strong attention to detail.