by: Rona Samortin

“THE most important element of internships is that they integrate classroom knowledge and theory with practical application and skills developed in professional or community settings. They also bring a wealth of be­nefits to students, both by completing a degree and when seeking a career path- post graduation.” –

Aside from offering an excellent service in the field of the immigration market, Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation also offers internship programs for graduating college students. The company caters especially to marketing, human resource, IT and psychology students. Their skillful and adroit employees will make sure that their interns are highly and professionally trained in their program so that they will be equipped once they are ready to set foot in the real world. Here are a few testimonies from the interns themselves!

“I am Joy, a marketing intern of Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation. I started my internship last August 30, 2019, back then, I already had doubts with my capabilities. On my first day, Sir Bertch gave me my first task which is, to do call outs. I find it quite easy since I have done something very similar before. In doing call outs, I learned about how to handle our clients’ concerns, and I encountered different people with different personalities on the other line. A total of 25 call outs that I need to do in the mornings is hard because the ones who are not available cannot be counted. But with Miss Rochelle’s guidance, it became attainable. Fil-Global taught me that whatever happens, I have to be productive and not waste any time. On my third week, Sir Bertch started trusting me with organizing their files. Total of 50 call outs must be achieved; 25 in the morning and another batch of 25 in the afternoon. Fil-Global taught me how to set proper appointments and with that, I need a constant contact with leads and I have to keep my eye on until they attend our free orientations.

Fil-Global’s internship program was a very good experience for me. I can see myself moving past my doubts because my supervisors are very hands on when it comes to training me. And they never fail to make me feel like I am a part of this company.”
- Stiffany Joy Kho (an intern from National Teacher’s College)

“Being a student assistant and an active school organization’s officer for more than three years, I thought that I already have enough experience to conquer and survive the real world. But I was wrong. The Internship Program that Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation offers made me realize that there were really huge difference between what is being taught in school and in a company. I have realized that time is really valuable in a corporate world. We must be diligent and responsible enough to finish our assigned daily tasks such as doing call outs, attending meeting minutes of the meeting, dealing with clients and the like. These daily tasks taught me how to work under pressure and do my best to finish it. Throughout my journey in Fil-Global, I feel blessed that this company has molded me to become passionate in everything that I do because my actions will not just affect me, but the whole company itself. I am just really thankful to Fil-Global because they have trusted me enough to present the company’s program to clients even though I am a new to this type of work. For those who wanted to have an incredible and memorable OJT Training, I highly recommend Fil-Global because they will help you and push you to go out of your comfort zone.”
– Maria Rosalyn Rosario (an intern from Santa Isabel College)

“With my experience throughout my internship with FG had given me the opportunity to see valuable insights of the industry. I have also learned to value the importance of authenticity by working with facts and accuracy and the striking of a balance between professionalism and moral uprightness which is very visible when they are handling their clients.

I also had fun working with the FG team and it was a great feeling to be surrounded by people who works together towards common goal.

Precisely, FGISC’s OJT opportunity has helped to bridge gaps between academic knowledge and practical learnings. Above all, I could say that the most important value one could learned from their team are the sense of responsibility, professionalism, determination and genuineness.

Thank you FG! Thank you for all of the guidance and help especially of my supervisor, Sir Ramil, our managing director, Sir Bertch and admin director, Sir Joseph! GOD BLESS and more power!”
– Quiana Lucion (August 31,2018)

In internships, college students are taught to value their time and how to pro­perly manage all of the work that comes along with it. Most importantly, they learn how to balance internships, work, school works such assignments, quizzes, exams, friends and then their family. Textbooks can only do so much unless you use them to gain perspective and knowledge of the workplaces. When it comes to choosing where you can render your internship applications, it better be somewhere with good reviews because it will reflect on your resume or CV (curriculum vitae).

Ever thought about where you can apply for your OJT? Fil-Global also offers an excellent internship program! Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation is an uprising empire and it’s aggressively evolving. The company is more than willing to extend their hands and help you out with your applications! For more information, you can visit their office at the 9th floor of Times Plaza Building, United Nations Avenue, Ermita Manila. Enjoy their updates by following their Official Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter at @fgonestepcloser and their website: